Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is spoken natively by about 400 million people in countries all around the world, making it an incredibly influential language; it edges out English in the number of native speakers (360 million), even though English is a widely spoken second language. Due to the global nature of both English and Spanish and the constant interaction between persons from around the world, the need to translate key documents from one of these languages to the other is ever-present. ISI Language Solutions provides high-quality, accurate, and timely translation services for both Spanish and English speakers.

Spanish to English Translation

One important factor to consider when requesting a Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation is the regional variation of your target audience. Our translation staff can tailor translations subtly based on the small distinctions specific to certain regions in the 21 countries that list Spanish as an official language. With an increasingly globalized world, it is valuable to be able to draw on documents that are originally written in Spanish and make them available to the world of English speakers. In insurance or financial contexts, for instance, companies that do business in Spanish can often expand substantially by making sure all of their important outward-facing documents are also available in English.

English to Spanish Translation

In the United States primarily but also in many other parts of the world, English to Spanish translation services can help improve access to documents for the many individuals whose native language is Spanish. English to Spanish translations contribute to creating compliance with regulations that require equal access to comprehensible information, such as cases of medical paperwork. Error-free, high-quality English to Spanish translations are very helpful for widening the reach of a document that needs to be read by people who are not as proficient in English as they are in Spanish.

Spanish translation services are valuable in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Financial services providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare-related field, especially medical providers, health insurance providers and health promotion organizations
  • Immigration law for residency and citizenship applications
  • Legal documents

Medical and Healthcare Spanish Translations

Choose a translation organization with expertise like ISI Language Solutions when you want to ensure compliance with regulations related to medical and healthcare communication. Your patients with low proficiency in English may benefit greatly from our suite of translation and interpretation services, including those specifically delivered in Spanish. Providing high-quality translation services is essential to giving your patients a complete understanding of the medical choices they face, as well as the valuable medical advice you deliver. Not only do high-quality translations help you maintain your compliance with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which you can read more about in one of our earlier blog posts here, but it will also open your company to a clientele that would otherwise not use your services.

The ISI Advantage

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, aligning with ASTM F2575-06 American Quality Standards. Our decades of experience have helped us to streamline the translation process, focusing our efforts on the most subtle and important aspects of our work while quickly and efficiently completing any repetitive or rote translation components. Ultimately, you’ll find our team of project managers and linguists to be professional, experienced, and capable at every stage of your Spanish translation project.

Aim for maximum compliance and customer care by partnering with ISI Language Solutions for your Spanish translation services.