Ensure a seamless user experience

Whether standalone or embedded software, we can help you translate from any source language into more than 300 regionalized dialects and languages.

Even the most exceptional linguists and engineers cannot anticipate problems that only emerge during actual usage. We recommend testing as a valuable means of catching glitches and irregularities, thereby avoiding costly delays and poor user experiences. Our protocols include testing software in its localized context to recreate the full user experience and ensure smooth outcomes.

Our comprehensive software localization services ensure that both standalone and embedded software are linguistically and culturally tailored to the intended target audience. The process begins with a deep dive into client needs and objectives and includes strategy development, localization, and functional testing to ensure a frictionless user experience.

As part of converting software or app interfaces into an in-language experience, software strings must be translated, and, if required for the target audience, have the text replaced. While computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are used in this process, our localization engineers have the depth of knowledge and expertise to extract text that requires localization.

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Here to serve your specific needs:

End-to-end capabilities

BIG Language Solutions expertly navigates the complex nature of language services for our customers so they can achieve global success. Through our portfolio, we customize and deliver language services in more than 300 languages and dialects. Whether you need you complex translation work or expert interpretation services, BIG gets it right from the start while ensuring a seamless user experience. We connect your brand with a global audience, by crafting the right cultural fit for your brand’s voice — delivering your peace of mind solution, no matter your language needs.

Dedicated Translation and Localization Solutions to Make eLearning Global
Rapidly Create and Deploy Localized Versions of Your Website in Any Language
Connect Your Brand to a Global Audience With Our Fully Customizable Services
Expand Your Messaging and Voice Into New Cultures, Regions, and Ways of Thinking
Independent language assessment
You Can Achieve Peace of Mind With Our Independent Language Assessments

Industries we serve

BIG’s group of companies are experts in providing secure translation services in regulated, highly technical, and non-regulated sectors. The bottom line for BIG is that no matter your industry, we speak your customer’s language. We empower our clients no matter their industry by removing language and other barriers, so you can get to business. Period. We help you reach your audience wherever they are, however they need, and in the language(s) needed.