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Need an unbiased analysis for translated content? We will help you determine the quality and effectiveness of your content.

When it comes to translations, language quality is critical, and your company’s reputation could be on the line. Reviewing and approving translations is a significant challenge for global brands, as companies often underestimate the time, effort, and expertise required for this task. This can create bottlenecks, delays, or potentially prevent content from being reviewed properly or worse, skipped altogether. Bottom line, it is challenging to know if your message and brand are hitting the mark.

We meticulously check content validity and consistency, providing you with the reassurance you need for the results you want. For decades, we have effectively performed independent language assessments for Fortune 500 companies. Our independent language assessment provides an unbiased analysis of your multilingual content to measure quality and effectiveness at whatever level of review you require. That includes copy review, in-context review, software, website testing, or any other needs your stakeholders may require.

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BIG’s group of companies are experts in providing secure translation services in regulated, highly technical, and non-regulated sectors. The bottom line for BIG is that no matter your industry, we speak your customer’s language. We empower our clients no matter their industry by removing language and other barriers, so you can get to business. Period. We help you reach your audience wherever they are, however they need, and in the language(s) needed.

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Our family of companies includes BIG IP, ISI Language Solutions, Protranslating, Language Link, and DWL, bringing over 150 years of combined expertise with offices in 26 locations worldwide. Through our portfolio, we customize and deliver language services in more than 300 languages and dialects.