When working with speakers and readers of Armenian, it is important to have high-quality translations available for all marketing, education, and other written communication forms. Communication is one of the primary ways that individuals grow comfortable trusting someone new. If your business wishes to establish common ground, it is essential that you are communicating in the way that native speakers find most authentic.

One of the biggest needs for Armenian translation services is within the healthcare industry. Reaching the Armenian-speaking market with healthcare services or health insurance requires clear communication in a language each individual understands. Healthcare is a core topic that can often make people uncomfortable, leaving them vulnerable if they don’t understand their available choices. By selecting high-quality Armenian to English and English to Armenian translations, you are investing in your relationship with your clients, which can only lead to more positive things.

Armenian to English Translation

If your healthcare company is merging with an Armenian company or beginning to work with an Armenian vendor, you’ll want to understand how the healthcare market works in their language and culture. Translations to English from Armenian can be a valuable source of information that helps you understand Armenians’ attitudes towards healthcare. Working with culturally competent translators ensures that you get to know the culture and make a smooth transition.

English to Armenian Translation

As you become a client-facing entity in the lives Armenian speakers, you’ll need the services of an English to Armenian translator to help you create documents that appeal to readers and speakers of Armenian. A translator will be able to communicate clearly about healthcare options in a way that respects the cultural values of Armenian speakers.

Services We Offer Where Armenian Translation Would Be Useful

While healthcare is one of the primary industries where Armenian translation services are of use, there are a variety of other fields that may benefit as well. Legal situations are another instance where translation services can be extremely useful. Industries like manufacturing, commerce, and retail may also experience translation needs.

ISI’s services include:

Document translation, which creates permanent communication copy for your customers.
Phone and video-chat interpretation services, where real-time interpreters will translate to and from Armenian.
• Non-document translation services, such as transcribing audio video captions and making website copy that is relevant and eye-catching to the new culture.
Customized solutions when one or more of the above solutions does not entirely meet your needs.

Use ISI Language Solutions for Translations You Trust

ISI Language Solutions works in Armenian and English, but also offers translators and interpreters in many of the world’s most common languages. Our success comes from offering on-demand solutions that help companies comply with regulations that help them reach their potential customers. We specialize in error-free, culturally-situated written and spoken language services. Whether you wish to hire for a single specific project or wish to contract long-term, we have the complete language service product for you. If you need to contract for a multi-language project, that is also entirely possible. Check out our website for more information and contact us today!