Life Sciences Translation Services & Solutions

Life sciences firms drive innovation in healthcare. Global demand drives an increasingly complex international infrastructure with differing regulatory and compliance issues. ISI Language Solutions’ innovative life sciences translation services & solutions ensure compliance, linguistic integrity, and minimize expense.

From a scientific perspective, the study of living organisms includes biology, microbiology, physiology, organic chemistry, and other health-related fields. From a business perspective, the term “life sciences” is equally broad.

Biotech. Medical devices. Clinical trials and more are all distinct categories within the life sciences industry segment. Each has its own terminology, business processes, regulatory issues and subject-matter knowledge requirements.

But if you require multilingual services for any category in life sciences, you only need one language partner to help you achieve your goals. ISI Language Solutions is that partner, helping with all your life sciences translation needs, offering customized services and solutions.

ISI is a one-stop resource for translation and localization in life sciences.

With more than 30 years of experience in providing language services to the healthcare industry, ISI has developed a deep knowledge of the nomenclature, procedures and best practices involved in bringing medical devices to market.

In the United States, for example, medical devices must be approved by the FDA, and other countries and regions have their own regulatory authorities as well. What is more, most clinical trials involve a three-stage process that often requires linguistic support in each phase:

  • Small pilot population
  • Larger patient population
  • Post-approval study

With our life sciences translation services & solutions, we are able to provide linguists and project managers who are well-versed in the communication requirements at every stage of the medical-device launch phase. Our specially trained translators also understand the compliance and cultural sensitivities you need to ensure your translated content is both accurate and appropriate for each of your target markets.

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