Consecutive/Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)

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Consecutive over-the-phone interpreting in 300+ languages and dialects.

Our high-quality, consecutive over-the-phone interpreting is available in more than 300 languages and dialects via our 24/7 state-of-the-art call center.

Whether a medical appointment, school meeting, or any other situation, we provide consecutive over-the-phone interpreting in settings where one interpreter serves as an intermediary between two parties.

Our over-the-phone interpretation service is cost-effective, efficient, and very easy to use. With easy account setup, you can quickly and conveniently access multilingual support via a dedicated phone number and unique access code whenever you need it. Your call will be answered promptly, and you will quickly be routed to the appropriate interpreter.

Consecutive over-the-phone interpreting is one of the best and most convenient ways to increase access to your products and services and support your customers, patients, and stakeholders. We also provide webcast interpretation.

Whatever your industry or specific needs, we can save you time and money through a quick connection to interpreters for your contact call center, as well as providing high-quality translations of all materials, including websites, documents, chatbot scripts, guidelines, FAQs, how-to’s, and more. Our scalable and cost-effective services will help you better support your non-English-speaking callers while improving responsiveness and turnaround time.

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Here to serve your specific needs:

Global network of world-class interpreters covering 300+ languages and dialects.
Flexible and scalable services for companies of all industries and sizes.
24/7/365 access to interpreters via our state-of-the-art call center.

End-to-end capabilities

BIG Language Solutions expertly navigates the complex nature of language services for our customers so they can achieve global success. Through our portfolio, we customize and deliver language services in more than 300 languages and dialects. Whether you need you complex translation work or expert interpretation services, BIG gets it right from the start while ensuring a seamless user experience. We connect your brand with a global audience, by crafting the right cultural fit for your brand’s voice — delivering your peace of mind solution, no matter your language needs.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
Broadcast-Quality Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) in a Wide Range of Languages
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Conference Interpreting From Anywhere to Anyone on Our Cloud-Based Platform
Simultaneous & Conference
Rapid-fire comprehension in any setting

Industries we serve

BIG’s group of companies are experts in providing secure translation services in regulated, highly technical, and non-regulated sectors. The bottom line for BIG is that no matter your industry, we speak your customer’s language. We empower our clients no matter their industry by removing language and other barriers, so you can get to business. Period. We help you reach your audience wherever they are, however they need, and in the language(s) needed.