Financial Services

Every healthcare segment has its own financial requirements and distinct linguistic needs. And we understand them both.

As ISI grew into one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare language solutions over the last three-and-a-half decades, we continued to learn more and more about the specific vernacular and compliance regulations healthcare insurance organizations deal with day after day.

Like healthcare in general, insurance is a highly regulated industry. So our experience in providing specially trained linguists and project managers with a deep understanding our clients’ subject matter served as a foundation for building a strong financial-service practice.

Today, ISI Language Solutions offers a full-range of translation, localization and customized language solutions for financial-service companies, both within and beyond the insurance sector.

Accurate translations are your best insurance against multilingual financial misunderstandings.

A single translation error can cost financial-service providers much more than a disgruntled customer. It can lead to law suits, fines, exorbitant reparation costs, loss of brand credibility, and the potential to alienate thousands of people who buy your product or services in a specific market.

Why take the chance? Learn more about how ISI can help you build your insurance or financial-service business in over 150 languages.

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