Financial Translation Services

The financial services industry is the lynchpin of any thriving economy. Ensuring access and ease of understanding of key financial instruments within non-English and limited English-speaking target markets drive the growth of leading lending and investment firms.

The cumulative purchasing power, utilization of, and loyalty of non-English markets make these historically underserved and invisible markets increasingly appealing to the financial services sector. Whether processing credit applications and enrollment forms, answering client queries and providing education, accessing the limited English-proficient population on a global scale is key to success.

ISI Solutions:

  1. Increase client base and managed assets
  2. Streamline the enrollment process
  3. Ensure proper utilization
  4. Empower real time communication

Solutions offered:

  1. Financial, legal, and regulatory, translation services
  2. Website and digital asset localization
  3. Over the phone interpretation
  4. Fluency assessment for bilingual staff
  5. Conference and meeting Interpretation
  6. Language access consulting

Accurate translations are your best insurance against multilingual financial misunderstandings.

A single translation error can cost financial-service providers much more than a disgruntled customer. It can lead to lawsuits, fines, exorbitant reparation costs, loss of brand credibility, and the potential to alienate thousands of people who buy your product or services in a specific market.

Why take the chance? Learn more about how ISI can help you build your insurance or financial-service business in over 200 languages.

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