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Present your products in impactful and memorable ways by drawing on our understanding of the nuances of consumer psychology around the world.

In the consumer products & retail sector, extreme creativity and cultural sensitivity are necessary to develop translations that captivate their intended target––presenting both the product and its name in impactful, memorable, and uniquely engaging ways. To maximize outcomes in consumer-driven markets, we engage in extensive preparatory work that may entail conducting competitive and market analyses, meeting with brand managers, product managers, and in-country reviewers, and speaking directly with consumers. Our team includes retail transcreation experts who follow rigorous protocols and spare no effort to ensure content that is carefully nuanced and adapted.

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Our advanced capabilities for Consumer Products & Retail include:
Rapidly Create and Deploy Localized Versions of Your Website in Any Language
Software & Testing
Ensure a seamless user experience
Connect Your Brand to a Global Audience With Our Fully Customizable Services

Here to serve your specific needs:

6,000+ master linguists fluent in 300+ languages at your service.
We blend exacting quality control and secure technology with superior service.
Prompt and effective support designed to save you time and money.

End-to-end capabilities

BIG Language Solutions expertly navigates the complex nature of language services for our customers so they can achieve global success. Through our portfolio, we customize and deliver language services in more than 300 languages and dialects. Whether you need you complex translation work or expert interpretation services, BIG gets it right from the start while ensuring a seamless user experience. We connect your brand with a global audience, by crafting the right cultural fit for your brand’s voice — delivering your peace of mind solution, no matter your language needs.

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Market Research: Where Communications Are Expertly and Rapidly Handled
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