ISI Heats up Training for the Saudi Fire Service

When Bernanillo County Emergency Services (BCES) won a contract to train 100 delegates from the Saudi Fire Service, there was only one major stumbling block.
All 100 delegates spoke Arabic as their native language, not English.

But finding someone who could speak Arabic fluently wasn’t enough to get the job done, especially since fire and rescue teams are first responders in almost every disaster or crisis situation. The interpreters, translators and trainers all needed to be familiar with the correct terminology and regulations that were critical for the firefighters to know.

A single mistake or misunderstanding could literally cost people their lives. That’s why BCES turned to ISI for help.

The ISI Solution

The first step was to hand-pick interpreters who had the skills BCES needed. During the recruitment phase, we also worked in tandem with BCES to identify all processes and materials required to complete the Saudi firefighters’ training.

With the interpreters on board and the scope of the project defined, ISI then provided BCES with a turnkey multilingual solution. Our services included three core components:

  1. Professional interpreter training, management and quality assurance
  2. Translation of all BCES course materials
  3. Assessing and developing the language skills of BCES employees. Through our Interpreter Training and Assessment Program (ITAP), ISI helped BCES identify and train staff members to serve as ad-hoc interpreters for times when a professional translator wasn’t required.

The end result was a completely seamless, one-stop language solution.

The Results

BCES chose ISI as its language partner for all future courses that required multilingual support. And we believe there is no better result than a satisfied client that turns to us for language solutions every single time.