Russian Language Day at the UN

We all know that Russian language is very rich and beautiful. Its culture has influenced so many countries in the world throughout the centuries. For this reason, we sat down with one of our Project Managers, Sona Dadashova, to ask her some questions about the Russian language and culture, in observance of UN Russian Language Day. She considers herself very fortunate to be a native speaker of Russian.

What is your favorite word in Russian and why?

Sona: My favorite word is “na zdorovie” “на здоровье”, which literally means “cheers” and “to your health” at the same time. You can say it when someone thanks you for the favor you did for them, or simply cheering for a beverage.

What is your favorite Russian idiosyncrasy that most people would not know?

Sona: Favorite Russian idiosyncrasy – sitting down before going on a trip, it is believed to bring you a good luck if you do so.

What is your absolute favorite thing about Russian culture?

Sona: Literature and food, it has a lot of sour cream in it usually, which I love, and literature is very beautiful and romantic.

What about your favorite Russian meal? Why?

Sona: My favorite meal is Borscht, mainly because it’s delicious. Oh, AND healthy!

What’s your favorite song/type of music?

Sona: “Korobeiniki,” which is folk music. Not a lot of people know that this is Tetris Theme song. It will be my forever favorite song.

What’s your favorite book?

Sona: A.S. Pushkin’s poetry.

What would most people be surprised about traveling in Russia (or Russian speaking countries)?

Sona: The most surprising is Russian people do not like smiling a lot. There is a famous saying “Don’t smile a lot, they’ll think you are crazy”, but that doesn’t mean they are being rude or mean, it is just a cultural thing.

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