ISI Translation Services Company Picnic 2017

By definition, a coworker is “a person with whom one works, typically someone in a similar role or at a similar level within an organization.” You spend most of your waking hours with them, so you would assume you would get to know your coworkers pretty well. However, when your typical workday is busy with no time for interruptions, it’s hard to take the time to have conversations and build a coworker bond.

The ISI Translation Social Committee
ISI Translation is a fast paced work environment, and with an office of roughly 50 multicultural employees with varied backgrounds, so naturally it’s challenging to make time to get to know everyone. That’s why late last year, the ISI Translation Social Committee was formed. The goal of the Committee is to help plan for team-building exercises that will foster communication and enhance morale within the workplace. This summer, the Committee pulled together a company picnic in an effort to bring employees together for a relaxing day outside of the office walls.

In April, the Social Committee started to plan the company picnic for the ISI Translation employees. Everyone on the committee was assigned a different task, location, activity, food, etc. After deliberation, the company picnic was planned for August 2017 at Stough Canyon Park in Burbank, CA.

The quiet, scenic park filled with 25 ISI Translation employees plus their guests for a day of relaxing, eating, and hiking. With 95 degree weather, some shied away from the hike, but it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying each other’s company, and certainly not the Korean-Mexican fusion food from Kogi Korean BBQ food truck (also known locally as the “Kogi Truck”).

Bringing ISI Employees Together
These company outings leave an impression lasting longer than just the Monday morning office buzz. After these employee centered events, morale in the office has increased, coworkers are going out to lunch together, and friendships are being formed. Check out what some of the ISI employees had to say about the company outing:

Anya Latkina – She liked the fact that she got to speak to Project Managers that she doesn’t interact with normally. She enjoyed meeting co-workers families, and felt that it was good experience because it showed that the office was more of a team because many people showed up while away from work.

Elba Rojas – “The hike was nice, especially the views from the top of trail (would have been more enjoyable if it had been cooler). The visitor’s center is beautiful and very informative. But I guess the best part of the event was being able to see everyone out of the office and having a good time. This event was one of the best picnic/hike that we have had so far!”

Cristina Rivera – “The park itself was cute. And the food had a good kick of spice. Their all-natural drinks were good too.”

Jesus Mendoza – “It’s great when a company puts forth the effort to create events that are fun and allow co-workers to spend time outside of the office. It creates a stronger team, and allows everyone to get know each other better.”

Company outings, like this picnic, have boosted morale and the Committee is focused on making sure this continues. With more events being planned for later this year and into 2018, it’s a safe bet to say that these outings are only gaining in popularity.