Medical Translator Training

ISI’s Interpreter Training Assessment Program (ITAP) helps identify, screen and improve the skills of bilingual staff members and volunteers at medical facilities throughout the United States. The goal? To provide a quality control mechanism for organizations utilizing bilingual staff to deliver their services in a language other than English and to provide training opportunities for those same staff.

ITAP is one of the only such programs in the country able to test for any language, plus English. Our program consists of four modules that can be implemented as a whole or individually:

  • Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Building Cultural Competency Workshop
  • Medical Terminology Workshop
  • Medical Interpreting Ethics and Protocol Workshop

Since creating ITAP in 1990, we’ve tested tens of thousands of individuals for the nation’s leading medical institutions, including City of Hope; Health Net; University of California Los Angeles; Cedars Sinai Medical Center; CIGNA HealthCare; Beth Israel Hospital in New York, and many others.

Training. Certification. Compliance. And Care.

ITAP helps healthcare facilities meet the linguistic and cultural requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare Reform, JCAHO and state regulations. Beyond compliance, ITAP also helps healthcare organizations improve the quality of care for patients and families with limited-English proficiency.

Learn more about how our training workshops can help eligible bilingual staff learn to provide accurate and culturally relevant interpreting. And how ISI can serve as your interpreter training and certification partner.

Medical Translator Training