French Translation Services

For many years, it appeared that French would be a universalizing language, one that is influential in the 22 countries where it is an official language and would also be a language for cross-cultural communication. With 265 million people who speak French and the fact that it is second only to English in the number of people who are learning it as a foreign language, French has lived up to this legacy as an influential language of diplomacy, business, and trade. ISI Language Solutions is proud to offer French-to-English and English-to-French translation services in order to continue making the world a smaller, better-connected place.

French to English Translation

Whether you need to collaborate with a French-speaking scientist and understand his or her notes, or you need to broker a complex financial deal that involves both French-speaking and English-speaking customers, being able to get accurate French-to-English translations is key. Also, French-speaking companies looking to expand their reach into other markets often choose a French-to-English translation for their websites, marketing materials, and more. It is part of a good-faith agreement between you and your target demographics to have all communications that are relevant to their interests available in a language that will be useful to them.

English to French Translation

Given that French is spoken in countries all around the world on multiple continents, there are a variety of dialects that must be considered during the translation process. Understanding French localization is one way that ISI provides high value to English to French translation customers. Whether your business is expanding into French markets and needs to create culturally-relevant marketing copy, or your software team needs to collaborate effectively on a new technology release, you can count on ISI’s English-to-French translation services to be error-free, high-quality, and valuable to your clients. In many contexts, what makes or breaks an interaction is how well the recipient of communication understands your meaning and intent.

Industries Where French Translation Is Important

French is influential in many arenas, but ISI prides itself on offering translation and interpretation in a variety of technical and jargon-driven fields including:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Legal proceedings
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Retail, advertising, and marketing
  • At ISI Language Solutions, We Offer a Variety of French Translation Services Including:

    Medical and Healthcare French Translations

    In the United States in particular, but broadly around the world, medicine and healthcare are industries where the ability to communicate with subtlety is incredibly vital. People often make high-stake decisions based on the information they receive from healthcare professionals. To remain compliant with healthcare regulations, it is essential to offer translation and interpretation services, including in-person, phone, or a combination of both, to your French-speaking patients who have limited English proficiency.

    To help your patients feel empowered and able to voice their questions or concerns accurately and effectively, having someone share information in their native language can truly help your customers grow more confident and comfortable. You may find that offering excellent, comprehensive translations and instantly available interpretation services will help you to corner the market of French-speaking individuals in your area.

    The ISI Advantage

    With ISI Language Solutions, you can rest assured that your translations and interpretations into and out of French will be high-quality, error-free, and ready to offer excellent information to your clients. Great translations and interpretations can give you the peace of mind needed to do your best work on the original documents in your native language. ISI becomes your partner in communication so that those with whom you wish to communicate feel completely on the same page with you.

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