Chinese Medical Translation Services

There are many variants of Chinese that make up an enormous community of language speakers, with more than 1.2 billion people speaking those languages. As the world becomes more and more globalized, people who only speak English or only speak Chinese are interacting more than ever before, increasing the need for high-quality, accurate, and timely translation services. Translating important documents between these two languages widens the reach of information and makes many business, financial, and medical experiences much more positive for your customers and clients.

Chinese to English Translation

In any Chinese to English translation, our experienced staff of linguists will pay careful attention to which written form of the Chinese language is being used and how this will influence the meaning of the text before translating it into English. With a variety of translation options in a wide range of file types, our staff can adapt to the needs of your translation project as they make documents previously available in Chinese open to an English-speaking audience. We consider the differences in spoken Cantonese and Mandarin to written Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, as well as the many dialect-related aspects of the language. This knowledge helps us make sure that the English translations still contain all the complex, legal, or technical meanings that are essential for a document’s applications.

English to Chinese Medical Translation

In locations like the United States, English to Chinese medical translation services can help improve access to documents for the many individuals whose native language is Chinese. English to Chinese translation offers an opportunity to be understood by the many persons who both visit from and immigrate from Chinese-speaking areas of the world. Cantonese and Mandarin can be written in either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, therefore, we use our expert translation team to determine which to use on a per project basis. The differentiation depends on the locale of where the target audience is from, which is essential information when translating a document from the source language. Error-free, high-quality English to Chinese medical translations of everything from web sites to legal paperwork, instruction manuals to marketing materials can extend the reach of your documents and promote your business’s presence.

Other Industries Where Chinese Translation Services Are Important

While we can work with you on your particular context, the following industries frequently require Chinese translation services:

  • Immigration, residency, and citizenship proceedings
  • Business projects and localization
  • Financial services providers
  • Legal proceedings, including Intellectual Property
  • Software companies
  • Insurance providers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Other medical-related contexts

Chinese Healthcare & Medical Translation Services

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one example of a compliance standard that requires useful translation and interpretation services in order to ensure non-discriminatory services in your medical or healthcare context. Around the world, however, medical and healthcare locations want to be able to reach both the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking public. Accurate, culturally-relevant translations of important documents can share valuable medical cautions, advice, and procedure details so that individuals can make the best possible health choices for their circumstances. Creating a hassle-free experience for people with limited English proficiency (or limited Chinese proficiency, as the case may be) is one way to stand out from your competitors. Partnering with ISI is one excellent way to stay compliant and increase your client or patient satisfaction.

The ISI Advantage

At ISI Language Solutions, our teams hold themselves to the ASTM F2575-06 American Quality Standards in order to provide the rock-solid translation and interpretation services that your organization is looking for. Our decades of experience inform our process, which combines efficient workflow with the ability to focus in and consult with each other to translate subtle or complex meanings. Our linguists and project managers evaluate every project so that they can give you a timely and accurate estimate of the difficulty of the task, especially given the challenging linguistic distance between English’s structure and the structure of Chinese.

Let ISI Language Solutions be your translation expert for all your Chinese medical translation services.