Insurance Translation Services

No industry has arguably felt more stress, growth and uncertainty over the last several years than healthcare insurance. For over 36 years, ISI has helped leading insurers and health plans increase member enrollment and reduce expense in non-English and limited English-speaking target markets.

ISI has empowered our clients to grow member enrollment while minimizing the costly expense associated with delivering a high-quality member experience across key client facing functions such as new member enrollment, member services, and claims processing. ISI has an in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements of our clients and has developed systems, technologies, and processes to meet their needs. In addition, ISI understands the unique calendar-driven challenges of open enrollment, and has developed flexibility in resource allocation and staffing to meet the most difficult of time-driven challenges.

ISI is one of the few language service providers that has invested in HITRUST certification to ensure data security and integrity when dealing with personal health information (PHI).

ISI is also one of the rare language services providers that is ISO 2001:2015 certified to ensure process consistency.

ISI regularly trains our staff on fraud waste and abuse to meet and exceed Federal guidelines.

ISI Solutions:

  1. Increase member enrollment
  2. Improve community outreach
  3. Improve population management
  4. Minimize claims processing
  5. Ensure regulatory compliance
  6. Reduce expense

Solutions offered:

  1. Healthcare, legal, regulatory, and financial translation services
  2. Website and digital asset localization
  3. Over the phone interpretation
  4. Fluency assessment for bilingual staff
  5. Healthcare Interpretation
  6. Language access consulting

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