Long-Term Linguistic Care for Los Angeles County Hospital

All hospitals need multilingual services, but few need them as much as Los Angeles County Hospital.

Less than 50% of LA’s population speaks English as their native language. Roughly 100,000 more people speak Spanish than English in LA, and the City of Angels is home to thousands of more people who speak Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Persian, Armenian, and other languages at home.

ISI was one of the very first language-service providers to recognize the unmet need for customized multilingual solutions in the United States. And Los Angeles County Hospital recognized how our approach could help it achieve every aspect of its ongoing mission:

“To provide high-quality, value for money, community-based service to prevent people from becoming ill, avoid admission to hospital, and to provide care and support closer to home.”

So, LA County Hospital turned to ISI to provide the institution with a full range of language services to support its goals. That was more than 15 years ago.

The ISI Solution

ISI continues to serve as LA County Hospital’s primary language partner. Our main role is to provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for every scenario that requires healthcare acumen and multilingual expertise, including:

  • Patient and family care
  • Physician appointments
  • Home healthcare and outreach
  • Counseling and social services
  • Community events
  • Membership meetings
  • And more.

To ensure a consistent level of quality, we also facilitate regular onsite and offsite meetings, webinars and calls to keep our interpreters and LA County Hospital staff apprised of new developments and procedures that impact the multilingual aspects of care.

The Results

ISI provides LA County Hospital with a fully transparent language service. Our major achievements include:

  • A seamless and reliable implementation process
  • High-quality service delivery
  • Actionable management information and intelligence.

More importantly, LA County Hospital still relies on ISI for multilingual support after 15 years of service.