ISI Translation Services Company Picnic 2017

By definition, a coworker is “a person with whom one works, typically someone in a similar role or at a similar level within an organization.” You spend most of your waking hours with them, so you would assume you would get to know your coworkers pretty well. However, when your …

Is There a Language Gap Between Generations?

You’ve heard the jokes – adults to teenagers, “We don’t even speak the same language.” But as it relates to modern informal language, or slang, that statement is more true than funny. There seems to be a growing generational gap. But what makes today’s language gap unique to past divides?

New Rankings for ISI Translation Services

An independent market research firm, Common Sense Advisory, places ISI Translation Services as a leader in global translation, localization, and interpreting services industry.

Report Results

The Common Sense Advisory firm released a report titled “The Language Services Market: 2017.” The report lists ISI Translation Services as a top-grossing language …

How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas

Commonly celebrated on December 25th, Christmas is an annual festival that observes the birth of Jesus Christ and is recognized as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of individuals around the world.

In the U.S., we traditionally celebrate Christmas with decorative lights, Christmas trees, parades, holiday parties, perhaps …

How Other Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving

As history tells it, the tradition of Thanksgiving started in 1621, when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast. But Thanksgiving wasn’t considered a holiday until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day was to be held each year in November.

Today, we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving with …