It’s French Language Day at the UN!

French Language Day at the UN
Language: French
Who: Emilie Villeneuve
What: CEO

Today, we celebrate the French language and culture in recognition of French Language Day at the United Nations.
In celebration of multilingualism, the United Nations (UN) has devoted specific days to the …

What is Section 1557 Compliance?

Among the many layers of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the provision known as Section 1557. While companies generally strive to not be discriminatory in the access they offer to healthcare patients, this law offers clear guidance for companies to ensure that they always offer equal care to the …

What is Section 508 Compliance?

When communicating with federal agencies, there are a variety of laws and regulations that have been established over the last few decades to enforce equality and accessibility of information to all individuals, whether they were clients, patients, or employees. With the introduction and then further use of technology and the …

ISI Language Solutions Featured on Rob Lowe’s Success Files Week of February 25th, 2019

Glendale, CA, February 27, 2019 –(– ISI Language Solutions is proud to be featured on Rob Lowe’s Success Files the week of February 25th, 2019 across multiple major media markets within the United States.

Success Files, hosted by Rob Lowe is an award-winning program highlighting new stories and innovative concepts …

Differences Between Translations and Transcriptions

When is translation needed? When is transcription needed? Are they interchangeable?

Understanding Transcription and Translation

People who are just learning about the complex world of translation and interpretation may not know exactly what characterizes transcription and what characterizes translation. Here are some ways to distinguish between these two services so …