How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas

Commonly celebrated on December 25th, Christmas is an annual festival that observes the birth of Jesus Christ and is recognized as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of individuals around the world.

In the U.S., we traditionally celebrate Christmas with decorative lights, Christmas trees, parades, holiday parties, perhaps …

How Other Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving

As history tells it, the tradition of Thanksgiving started in 1621, when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast. But Thanksgiving wasn’t considered a holiday until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day was to be held each year in November.

Today, we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving with …

Fall Traditions Around the World

It wasn’t too long ago when we wrote about summer traditions around the world. But now,the sunny days and warm nights of summer are starting to fade, and the crisp morning air and changing of leaves are upon us. Here in the …

Body Language and its Different Interpretations Around the World

As contradictory as it may sound, language is not always confined to linguistics. Body language allows us to communicate without words or the complication of grammar, structure, or syntax. Even silence can convey meaning in the right context.

From culture to culture, body language has localized idiosyncrasies that require us …

3 Quick Examples of Successful International Businesses

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple. These all sound familiar, right? That’s because over time, these brands have successfully dedicated themselves to become household names. And while they’ve succeeded in the US, they have also become household names around the world. Find out how each of these companies became successful while expanding globally.