ISI Rebrands as ISI Language Solutions

By: Michael Bearden
ISI Language Solutions

New Website Highlights Our Value-Added Differences

One of the first rules of great blog writing is to focus on issues that are relevant to the market you serve, not on something that’s just about you in particular.

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Ready, set, GO! Team ISI ran the Hollywood Half Marathon!

No matter the challenge, ISI is there to meet it, again and again! On a rare, gloomy Saturday morning in April, our team took to the streets of Hollywood to participate in the 5th Annual Hollywood 5k/10k & Half Marathon, Run With the Stars. Sometimes when we hear …

Nonverbal Communication- Don’t Make These Blunders Internationally

Stories of failed translations are plentiful, with colorful anecdotes like “The Jolly Green Giant” that was at one time translated as “The Intimidating Green Monster.” However, what we don’t always hear is that there are plenty of nonverbal communication blunders between cultures. As the world shrinks and we …

What Colors Symbolize in Other Countries

Green with envy, black sheep, white lie, tickled pink. More than likely, you’ve heard of these colorful idioms. From describing emotions to reminding us of a place or time of year, there’s no denying that colors play an important part in our lives.

However, what colors symbolize in Western cultures …

How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Possible Origins of Valentine’s Day

You may be surprised to learn that Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. But if we travel back in history, the holiday wasn’t always associated with heart-shaped chocolates, rose bouquets, and romantic love. Accounts of its origins are varied, but some academics …