Our History

ISI founder George Rimalower saw first-hand how bridging a language gap could turn a situation from unnecessarily confusing and scary to familiar and reassuring. The son of Holocaust survivors who fled Nazi Germany, George spent his first dozen years amidst the political and economic chaos of Argentina in the 1950s and ‘60s. His family moved to the United States when he was in junior high, and he credits his new home country for giving him tremendous opportunities.

George Rimalower

After graduating from UCLA, he gave bus tours of California in Spanish, German and English. His family suggested he put his passion for language to use in a broader way, so he took his last $18 and made business cards offering interpreting services. He handed them out door to door in medical and law office buildings, and one day a doctor in Century City called asking for an interpreter for a patient at the doctor’s office. The business snowballed from there. One day, he noticed that his file cabinet was full, and he was genuinely moved.

Today, ISI is a top-15 translation supplier and proud to partner with some of the largest healthcare and financial service organizations in the world. And today, we want to be a part of YOUR story.