Favorite Easter Candy Around the World

Even though we’ll have to forgo traditional family gatherings and egg hunts this year, we can still enjoy all of the Easter candy that we want. And wow do Americans love Easter candy!

American’s spend $1.9B on Easter Candy each year. That is second only to the biggest candy holiday: Halloween. Seventy percent of all Easter candy purchased is chocolate.

A survey was conducted a few years back to determine the top Easter candy preferred by each US state. The results are as follows:

  • 32% of states prefer Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs
  • 17% prefer Cadbury Eggs
  • 16% prefer Jelly Beans
  • 10% prefer Chocolate Bunnies
  • 6% chose Peeps

With 2.18B Christians in the world, America is not the only country celebrating this holiday. As we approach this weekend’s holiday, let’s explore the top Easter candies around the world.

  • Leonidas – Wonderfully rich Belgian egg-shaped confections.
    • Color-coded wrappers indicate what’s inside — red foil, for instance, sheaths white chocolate with a toasty hazelnut filling, while orange conceals silken dark-chocolate ganache.
  • Strega Alberti – Run by the Alberti family in Campagna, Italy, since 1860, this artisanal confectioner offers an extensive Easter collection.
    • Check out the hollow ostrich-sized eggs in flavors like dark chocolate croccantino (almond with crunchy caramel) and milk chocolate with nougat. Inside the egg is a surprise, a silver charm.
  • Sweetique – The German company trades in eggshells that have been safely emptied of their contents, sterilized, filled with a fair-trade chocolate-hazelnut center, then painted in a range of colors, from festive jewel tones to Easter-worthy pastels.
    • Bonus – they’re filled with a pralines!
  • Confetti Pelino – This Abbruzzo-based company also makes walnut-sized gianduja eggs, which get four coats of sugar and harden into a crunchy shell that keeps the smooth chocolate-hazelnut interior creamy and fresh.
    • This confectioner is best known for its candy-coated almonds that it’s been crafting since 1783.
  • Fran’s Chocolates – Nibble-worthy bunnies are made from fine single-origin chocolate; milk chocolate is enriched with organic dairy; molded eggs and chicks contain delicious fillings, like coconut and caramel.
    • This Seattle, Washington chocolatier is renowned for her salted caramels.
  • Sockerbit – This Swedish chocolatier makes hollow papier-mache eggs, which can be filled with candies ranging from salty licorice octopi and sour bananas, to chocolate-dipped marshmallow bears.
    • In Sweden, the most candy gets consumed during Easter!
  • The Celebrations Large Easter Egg – Even though it is produced by American Mars corporation, this is the number one Easter egg gifted in the UK. It is a large, hollow milk chocolate egg, filled with mini Mars, Twix, Bounty bars, etc.
  • Dunnes Mini Easter Eggs – A favorite Easter candy in Ireland are mini chocolate eggs from a major local supermarket chain called Dunnes. These eggs often come in brightly colored wrappers depicting an image of the Easter Bunny.

Co-written by Lynda Walz, Sales Executive and Jon Kuykendall-Barrett, Account Executive